The CAG meets monthly to facilitate or contributed to various activities as such:CAG members.jpg

  • provide knowledge and guidance regarding what consumers want and need,
  • assist ACSO’s After-Hours Social Events for clients and staff,
  • review program brochures & website content to ensure the content is relevant and meaningful for consumers,
  • present at new staff inductions,
  • participate on interview panels for new staff,
  • run ‘Peer Mentor’ workshops for clients and ex-clients who are interested in learning about peer mentoring and sharing their experiences with others,
  • assist with the set up and co-ordination of ACSO’s Art Exhibition and encourage clients to present their work.
  • provide input into ACSO’s  strategic planning,
  • review any matters or information referred to it by the ACSO Council, management or programs/services,
  • participate in ACSO activities as requested.

“Being a representative of ACSO’s Consumer Advisory Group has given me the opportunity to contribute my experiences and knowledge from a client’s perspective. It has been my greatest achievement professionally and has been very rewarding. In just over 12 months, being a member of CAG has given me the opportunity to be involved in numerous events that I would never dreamed of taking part in. A radio interview with ACSO’s CEO and also at ACSO’s 6th Forensic Disabilities Conference, I gave a speech on my experiences with the criminal justice system. Being a CAG member is very fulfilling and rewarding and gives the members an integral role in assisting ACSO to better incorporate the voices of consumers into the development and delivery of programs and services” CAG Member