How to request access to your personal information

If your request is verbal, it will be acknowledged immediately.  If it is via email, fax or a letter, you will receive a letter, confirming that your request was received, within 14 days.

You can access your personal information in the following ways:

·         View and inspect the information

·         View, inspect and talk through information with an appropriate ACSO staff member

·         Take notes

·         Obtain a copy

·         Listen to an audiotape

After you make your request, you will receive a ‘Request for Personal Information’ form.

Complete this form, and return it to ACSO.

After your form is received, you will be contacted and informed as to whether your request for access is allowed or denied.


If access is denied, the reasons behind the decision will be explained to you. If access is allowed, the personal information you have requested will be provided to you via the method of access you have asked for. 

Some information may be removed or deleted from the information you requested, based on guidelines contained within the National Privacy Principles.

ACSO does not charge you any fee to access your personal information.

ACSO will complete your request within 30 days.